We invite you to the presentation and test cruise on the FORSATIO YD-41 yacht

Every day between July 1 and 14, we will present the yacht and take a short cruise with you on board on the waters surrounding Geteborg.
The presentation schedule will be as follows
  • We meet at 10:00
  • 10:00-10:30 we drink coffee on board and get to know each other
  • 10:30 – we set out on a test cruise lasting several hours, during which you will experience the feeling of sailing as a member of the FORSATIO YD-41 crew
  • Around 15:00-16:00 we will return to the port, drink coffee, tea and talk about your impressions.
During the presentation, there may be a chance to meet the constructors of the yacht: Michał Orych, Lars Larsson and Rolf Eliasson.
We are able to take 4 people on board each day, so please suggest a date when you want to take a part in the presentation. We will contact you individually to confirm your participation.
Be sure to bring a good mood and a storm jacket to the presentation – we set sail regardless of the weather.

If you are interested to join the presentation and test cruise on the FORSATIO YD-41 yacht between July 1 and 14 on the waters surrounding Geteborg, fill this form:

For people who are particularly interested in our yacht, there is a possibility of a cruise from Gdansk to Geteborg or from Geteborg to Gdansk. We have one free cabin, so we can take one couple or one person. If you are interested in this option, write us an e-mail to the following email address: crew@forsatio.com.